Professional Design Tips That Will Make Your Apartment Home Look Brighter

Many people know that brighter, breezier spaces can lift our mood and alleviate stress and anxiety, while also maintaining an on-trend feel. As an apartment dweller, you may believe that you can’t enjoy a brighter space without making substantial, lease-breaking adjustments to your home – but, this isn’t necessarily true. There are a few ways to maximize light in your rental home, including these 3 suggestions.

Harness the power of white walls and ceilings.

With its lightly colored walls and ceilings, your apartment home offers the perfect minimalist backdrop for a bright and airy interior design scheme. That’s because white is technically not a color – it’s a reflective agent with the ability to absorb and disperse light. If you want to make your space brighter, harness the lightly colored walls of your apartment home and use them as a starting point for other decorative touches.

Think carefully before hanging wall art...

Gallery walls and wall art aren’t going anywhere, trend-wise. However, if you have a lot of stuff on your walls, it can be harder to achieve that bright, spacious look you’re going for. That's because more stuff translates to a less reflective surface, leading to a darker, less-tranquil room. Avoid visual clutter by being very selective with your wall art. A few thoughtfully placed decorative items are all you need to show off your personality while maintaining a bright, breezy look.

...But don’t be afraid to hang several mirrors!

Interior designers use mirrors to manipulate light and reflections while creating a sense of additional space. No matter what size you use, hanging a mirror in your apartment home will immediately visually enhance the scale of the space. Just be sure not to hang your mirror in front of a place of chaos, like an overflowing closet. Doing so will only reflect clutter, which is the antithesis of bright, modern space.

Apartment living is all about a maintenance-free lifestyle. At Crestwood Place Apartments in Fort Worth, Texas, we go above and beyond to ensure that you have a completely stress-free day-to-day routine.

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